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Executive Summary – Exploration of GARNA infolding Chaffee Green

DRAFT 1-14-19

Summary: Incorporating Chaffee Green as a Sustainability Program within the Greater Arkansas River Nature Association (GARNA)

A series of meetings was held between 2 members of GARNA’s Board of Directors, GARNA’s Executive Director and four members of the Chaffee Green leadership team to explore the possibility of folding Chaffee Green into the GARNA organization.  The recommendations from those meetings have been summarized in a detailed Letter of Intent, following the McKinsey 7s Framework for Organizational Effectiveness. An executive summary of that effort is provided here, and a copy of the full Letter of Intent is available upon request.

How does this help Chaffee Green?

501c3 status. Establishing a new non-profit requires a tremendous amount of time and energy. Without non-profit status, Chaffee Green will be unable to solicit tax-deductible donations and many grants.

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Suck the Straws out of the Upper Ark Valley!

By: Mary Beth Flemming

February 3 was international straw free day! Restaurants all around the country are pledging to get rid of plastic straws.

Have you heard about the largest floating island of garbage to date, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, resting off the coast of California? According to the Inland Ocean Coalition, 80% of the garbage in these islands originates inland. The Coalition, a project of the Ocean Foundation, has estimated the garbage island’s current size to be larger than the landmass of the United States. The amount of plastic floating in this garbage patch outnumbers sea life 6 to 1. One of the largest inland plastic contributors to the garbage island is a plastic product designed for single use, the straw.

What does the buildup of plastics in our oceans mean for those of us living here in Chaffee County?

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