Chaffee Green – About Us

Who We Are

Chaffee Green is a volunteer group of local individuals that include: Sustainable BV, Sustainable Salida and Sustainable Poncha Springs. 


  • Individuals came together from Ark Valley Environment Huddle, Salida Business Alliance and The Salida Chamber in 2017/2018 as participants with Envision Chaffee County with a shared concern for the environment, culminating in Chaffee Green.
  • Initial efforts in BV focused on increasing town recycling.

We joined forces with our Salida and Poncha Springs neighbors to address concern about the existence of plastic bags and the lack of ability to recycle them county wide.

Task Forces

Long Range Planning: Richard Kenshalo (S), Gaye Jenkins (N)

Youth Initiatives: Karen Lundberg (N), Kathy Taylor (N)

Composting: Donna Maloney (N), Deborah F. (S)

Recycling: Wendy Hall & Joyce Machala (N); Karen L. & Michael Kunkel (S)

Single Use Reduce: Laurie Stiles (N), Karen L (S)

Community Engagement: Leads needed

GARNA liaison & spokesperson: Jacy. Second Liaison needed to also serve as a GARNA Board member.

Resources, Support Team, and Affiliates

Database Management: Karen Milligan

Membership and volunteer data: Linda K.

Website and database: Thomas Doumas & Karen M.

Renewable Energy: Sue Greiner

Energy efficiency: Chris Martin (& Tom F)

Marketing, creating flyers: Deborah F. & Cyndi R.

Sustainable Salida/PS: Lori Roberts

Legislation/advocacy: Cheryl Brown-Kovacic (S), Libby Faye (N), Ellen Marshall & Wendy Hall (N)

GARNA staff contacts: Dominique, Lizzy, Emily