Reduce your reliance on single-use disposable products and packaging.

Help Greenpeace stop single-use plastic in Grocery Stores by completing this survey.

For Local Businesses – Many businesses are already leaders and are setting examples towards more sustainable practices.  Chaffee Green applauds and encourages you. Contact the representatives below to be added to the growing list of supporting businesses. If your business wishes to participate with Chaffee Green , email Karen Lundberg in Salida at, or Joyce Machala in Buena Vista at

If you are need more ideas or are new to all of this, here are a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Ask customers if they really need a bag or if their purchases can just be carried out or put in a reuseable bag.
  • Phase out plastics, styrofoam and one use items.
  • Use paper bags, take-out containers that can be recycled and give out straws only when they are requested or carry sustainable alternatives.
  • Recycle if you are not already.
  • Eliminate single use products as much as possible.

Reusable Bag Initiative

Both Buena Vista and Salida have reusable bag initiatives.  These programs make reusable bags freely available to the public in a variety of locations. Look for them in short term rentals, LaGrees in Poncha Springs, City Market in Buena Vista and many local businesses.

A huge thank you to the local sponsors of the Single Use Reduce team: Maartje Mass-Potterton, Kathy Hoerlein, & Laurie Stiles. More information here on why the best reusable bags are made from polyester.

Create T-Shirt Bags

Re-usable bags can be created from t-shirts.  You may have seen these in the foyer of City Market in BV.  If you would like to make more of these here are instructions:

T-shirts reusable bags  are being made and distributed by a Salida residents Penny Wilkin, and Karen Lundberg. Many thanks to Oveja Negra for the sewing! 


Making/collecting alternative bags

Pet Food and large animal Feed Bags being made into reusable bags by Chaffee Green and partners
Drop off your feed backs at these locations:
  • Gone to the Dogs, 300 East Main
  • Tractor Supply, 130 Harrison Ave