Chaffee Green Sustainability

Chaffee Green arose from participation in Envision Chaffee County, and now boasts over 40 passionate volunteers working for better recycling, composting, landfill management, sustainable materials education and outreach, and more.

Chaffee Green goals include:

  • Work with the community of Chaffee County to include individuals, nonprofits, municipalities, businesses, organizations, and visitors
  • Inform and guide the 2020 Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan so that it includes a systems approach to management of waste.
  • Educate the community about opportunities and options for practicing sustainability by reducing consumption of single use items.
  • Extend the life of the County landfill by increasing diversion rates.
  • Assess energy use and efficiency in the community; create an energy auditing program; and provide sustainable options and practices to residential and commercial users.
  • Explore funding sources to support the various tasks that have associated costs and interface with similar programming by GARNA to support shared initiatives.