GARNA Birding Club

Mary Cuyler-003There is a saying that to be a really good birder one should try to identify every bird one sees. The GARNA Birding Club organizes many events throughout the year. Some outings are local, regional, and we even take some special trips out of state.

Co-coordinators: Denny Arter and Andrew Mackie.

If you are a GARNA member and would like to be added to the Birding Club list, please contact Denny Arter at 719-539-0787 or Any level of experience is welcome.

Birding Club Species Lists


Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Photo: Sherrie York

Bluebird Monitoring Program

GARNA partners with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to train volunteers on how to monitor nesting boxes on State Wildlife and State Parks land. Bluebirds, swallows and occasionally other species use cavities for nesting. Currently there are over 130 boxes in the county that are monitored regularly during the spring and summer. Volunteers monitor nesting boxes each week on Parks and Wildlife lands to observe and record the bird species nesting, number of eggs laid and how many birds fledge. In the fall, data is recorded on the Cornell University Nestwatch website. We have many volunteers monitoring boxes in the county and always welcome new people who are interested in participating.