“Forward-thinking. Hardworking. Dedicated. That’s GARNA” – Denny Arter, 2020 GARNA Environmental Hero Lifetime Achievement Award

Thanks to her nature-loving family, Denny Arter’s passion for nature and natural history started early and only grew stronger throughout the years. Instilled with a sense of responsibility for protecting wild places and a desire to educate others about nature, Denny has demonstrated a demonstrated a lifelong commitment to environmental causes by volunteering for nature-related organizations including the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Denver Audubon Society.

“When I first came to GARNA almost 20 years ago, it’s where I found community for myself so I love sharing that and helping others find it too,” says Denny. “I’m also driven by my concern for the future of our planet and our community. They say to ‘think globally, act locally’ so that’s what I’m doing with GARNA. I’m hoping to contribute and add to the ripple effect.”

In her 20 years of service to GARNA, Denny, has served as board chair and member, and founded the popular birding club, which is aimed at providing an “educational opportunity and expanding people’s understanding and appreciation for nature and the incredible environment we live in.”

Despite these accomplishments, Denny says receiving GARNA’s 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award is a complete surprise. “What an honor! I never expected anything like this,” she says. “So often through life we get tiny pats on the back that are nice, but every once in a while, something bigger comes along and you think: Really? For me? It makes me think: maybe I really did make a difference here and there, which we all do in different ways.”