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chaffee county history

historic salida colorado
Historic Salida, Inc.,
P.O. Box 70, Salida, CO 81201

Historic Salida, Inc. works to research, preserve, interpret, and promote historic resources in and near Chaffee County.

We would like to see the historic preservation movement flower in Salida and Chaffee County in balance with retaining the character and spirit of the community.

... Land Trust of the Upper Arkansas ...

historic salida

The Annual Historic Tour raises funds to
help accomplish our goals.

Historic Salida and Salida Community Garden are working together to rehabilitate a vacant building next to the Garden

historic salida

Historic Salida and the Salida Business Alliance are working together to revitalize and preserve Historic Downtown Salida.

In October, 2005, Historic Salida and the City of Salida are hosting a workshop on the economic benefits of historic preservation in downtown historic districts.

historic salida
Photo from Salida Regional Library


historic salida

Historic Salida nominated Valley View School to the National Register of Historic Places, conducted a structural assessment of the building, and facilitated its donation by the Koenig Family to the Salida School District for use as an alternative high school.


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