Northern Chaffee County Connections (NC3)

NC3 is a citizen-led group operating under GARNA with a mission to provide Chaffee County residents and visitors with safe pedestrian/bike pathways along county roads that connect to the Town of Buena Vista and its community trails system. This project potentially will connect Buena Vista to regional trails, natural resources and heritage and scenic opportunities of the Collegiate Peaks. This project targets five northern Chaffee county roads connecting directly to the Town of Buena Vista.


  • Create pedestrian/bike pathways along identified county roads for outlying populations to safely access Buena Vista and its trail system
  • Provide Buena Vista school students who live outside the town limits with safe and convenient access to their schools
  • Provide pedestrian/bike pathways to promote safe and healthy lifestyle for residents and visitors
  • Incorporate opportunities along identified pedestrians/bike pathways that can connect with and promote heritage and scenic opportunities
  • Develop a safe, convenient county pedestrian/bike pathway system that will enhance visitor experience and support local businesses

Identified County Roads for Pedestrian/Bike Pathways

NC3 map

NC3 map: Click to enlarge

County Road 350 (Crossman Avenue) from Buena Vista Town limits west to the junction with County Road 361. This pedestrian/bike pathway will include paved lanes adjacent to both sides of the road. In some locations a separated hard surface pathway may be necessary. A growing county residential population uses this heavily traveled road. It demands a safe pedestrian/bike pathway to and from Buena Vista.

County Road 313 from Buena Vista Town limits south to Highway 24 (Johnson Village). This pedestrian/bike pathway will be a hard surface trail on the east side of the road. This trail will serve the Johnson Village residents with a safe pathway to Buena Vista. This trail is also a section of the proposed Leadville Stage Road that will act as a gateway to Buena Vista.

County Road 317 from the DePaul Street intersection in Buena Vista south to the intersection with County Road 313. This pedestrian/bike pathway will be a paved lane adjacent to the east side of the road. This is a fast growing commercial section of town with no safe walking or bicycle route.

County Road 306 (West Main) from the Buena Vista town limits westward to the junction with County Road 361. This pathway will continue west from the town limit with paved adjacent lanes on both sides of the road. This road is a major travel route for Buena Vista with access to the National Forest and Cottonwood pass.

County Road 361 pedestrian/bike pathway linking County Road 306 and County Road 350. This will be a separated hard surface trail and/or paved lanes adjacent to both sides of the road. Completion of this route will access the Buena Vista Wildlife Trail and provides a scenic loop west of Buena Vista.

News / Accomplishments

CR 317 bike ped path

CR 317 bike/pedestrian lane; completed summer 2016

FIRST NC3 BICYCLE/PEDESTRIAN LANE COMPLETED 2016: County Road 317 was repaved summer 2016. An 8 foot wide paved bicycle/pedestrian lane was completed as a part of this paving project.

A special thanks to Commissioners Geese, Holman and Potts for including a bike/pedestrian lane with the County Road 317 paving project.

Presently NC3 is drafting a GOCO grant concept paper for a bike/pedestrian lane along County Road 313. This approximately 2 mile pathway would connect Johnson Village to the town of Buena Vista. The citizens of Johnson Village deserve a safe route along CR 313 for safe passage to the Town of Buena Vista, Buena Vista Schools and recreational opportunities.

Questions regarding NC3 and its projects can be directed to:

Bob Gray, Project Leader

Kate Garwood


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