Stage and Rail Trail Master Plan

Master Plan front cover

The draft Master Plan was released in 2015 and outlines the vision for the trail as well as route alternatives and maps.  Please note that the final route alignment is still under review.

Download the Maps

Download the Plan

  • Chapters 1-4, including Executive Summary, Introduction, Background, Management Policies and Implementing Partners (2.8MG)
  • Chapter 5 contains Section Alignments and Recommendations, including all section maps plus detailed section descriptions (11.1MG)
  • Chapter 6 and Appendices includes Next Steps, Cost Estimates and extensive further background (2.3MG)

Orientation map

LC Commissioners

Lake County Commissioners Bruce Hicks, Dolores Semsak and Mike Bordogna also received the draft Plan and signaled their commitment on behalf of Lake County.

CC Commissioners

Chaffee County Commissioners Dave Potts, Dennis Giese and Frank Holman join S&RT volunteer leader Alan Robinson after their Board expressed willingness to commit in principle to designating the S&RT in Chaffee County.


What happens next?

Publishing the draft Master Plan is definitely not in itself designation of the S&RT nor an invitation to the public to seek out and use sections of the proposed trail that are not yet signed or open to public use. The draft is simply a proposal which must be considered and acted on by the potential implementing and managing partners. As a project that involves two counties, three towns, a State Park, CDOT and several other agencies, it may be some time before formal designation takes place, if at all. Indications are favorable but much preliminary discussion on coordination and further detailed studies may be involved. Over the next 12-18 months, GARNA and its S&RT volunteer team will continue to facilitate coordination amongst the potential partners. They will explore grant funding options that would, if successful, establish a non-profit coordinating body with permanent staff to help oversee trail designation and assist partners in obtaining grant funding for future phased implementation.

Periodic progress reports will appear here and on the project’s Facebook page.

GARNA and its S&RT volunteer Team are excited to have reached a very important milestone by making this detailed draft Plan available to decision-makers who may now choose to bring it to formal designation. We want to acknowledge and thank all those potential partners including the Lake and Chaffee County Commissioners, the AHRA and BLM river managers, the town councils of Salida, Buena Vista and Leadville, Colorado Department of Transportation, US Forest Service Leadville and others who have consistently expressed support and financial contributions in this 5-year progression. We also thank the many private landowners, public citizens, special interest groups and others who have politely, respectfully and sometimes enthusiastically expressed their concerns, special objectives and support.

Contact Information

To get involved with the stage and rail project, please email Julie Mach.

Additional Resources

Stage and Rail Trail project history: A detailed project history includes completion of a feasibility study, draft master plan and designation as one of Governor Hickenloopers “16 in 2016” priority trails.

History of Leadville Stage Road and CO Midland Railroad:  Learn more about the historic routes that serve as the basis for the stage and rail project.

Stage coach