“Community Driven. Good People. Positive Impact. That’s GARNA.” -Keith Krebs, 2020 GARNA Environmental Hero Award for Education


Keith, a GARNA supporter, member and volunteer for ten years, has been a driving force behind the Stream Explorers program, an immersive, fun, hands-on learning experience that connects young people to the rivers flowing through their backyard.

“We need to keep exposing kids, who are the future of environmental work and our world – to the outdoors,” says Keith, winner of GARNA’s 2020 Education Award. “What’s most important is that we get them away from the screen and into the stream where they can really interact with the resources we work to protect.”

Through Stream Explorers, a successful collaboration between the Collegiate Peaks Chapter of Trout Unlimited (CPC-TU) and GARNA, Keith helps middle school students discover the secret lives of river creatures and the value of rivers, streams and riparian areas. Keith especially enjoys helping young people gain experience with collecting and understanding aquatic macro-invertebrates, and fly tying and casting.

“My goal is to develop stewards of our rivers, of our water, for the future,” says Krebs. “I’m getting up there in age so I’m relying on youth. New generations come up each day and everybody needs to be aware of how important water is to the Upper Ark Valley and the whole country.”