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Friends of Public Lands

Working Together to Steward Our Lands

Photo Credit: Colin Treworgy

GARNA’s Friends of Public Lands initiatives honor GARNA’s roots as a cooperating association with the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and the cities, towns and counties of the Upper Arkansas Valley. GARNA manages the largest group of volunteers in the Upper Arkansas River valley through the Upper Arkansas Wilderness Volunteers, Friends of Fourmile, and the Chaffee Rec Adopters, an Envision Recreation in Balance Initiative. Each year, over 200 hardworking volunteers clean, maintain and improve the health of the watershed.

Volunteer Opportunities

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Watch: A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Chapters

This video highlights GARNA’s public lands programs through its various volunteer initiatives, and its role in building strong relationships with various land management agencies.

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Garna Greater Arkansas River Nature Association - Education, stewardship, volunteering Salida - Plants alonside the riverbank
Gone to Seed by Kari Vanderburg
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