Friends of Fourmile

Friends of Fourmile chapter of GARNA consists of volunteers from the motorized and non-motorized recreational communities who have special concern for the 100,000 acre Forest Service/BLM area in northern Chaffee County called the Fourmile Travel Management Area. The overall goal is good stewardship of the land’s resources (meaning a minimum of direct and indirect impacts) and maintenance of a balance among various recreational uses.

Our specific objectives are to assist the BLM and USFS in implementing the area’s citizen-formulated Fourmile Travel Management Plan, including to assure quality recreational opportunities continue to be available for a wide variety of users maintain and improve the area’s natural resources help resolve conflicts between users ensure that all types of recreational users and private landowners continue to be involved in the area’s management.

Friends of Fourmile is non-partisan with respect to favoring or promoting one type of recreational activity over another (e.g. motorized or non-motorized). It is focused simply on helping the land managing agencies implement their approved travel management plan, which is itself the product of a long public process involving all types of user groups.