A great example of what not to do. Rules and regulations require camp to be at least 200 feet from water. Within the AHRA State Park, use of a fire pan is required to have a campfire (check other fire regulations before going).

Envision Recreation in Balance (RiB) Initiative

RiB Community Research Report – a sample of models and solutions found throughout the West, compiled by taskforce members from Rec in Balance.

Recreation impacts on wildlife, with Stephanie Shively, USFS Wildlife Biologist from the Salida Ranger District, PSICC. Click here for recorded video presentation.

Envision Chaffee County is an innovative partnership that GARNA helped to develop as a Core Team member. A county-wide planning effort that engages citizens to sustain and improve quality of life and to create the future they want as the county grows, Envision Chaffee County addresses growth, declining forest health, increased risk of severe fire and increasing impacts from recreation, all topics that GARNA tackled as an Envision partner. The year-long planning phase saw engagement from 1,500 citizens, four local governments, plus 72 non-profit organizations, businesses and agencies. The planning phase helped develop a shared vision for Chaffee County’s future and over 40 community action projects.

One such action projects is Recreation in Balance. Born from a desire to protect Chaffee County’s recreation opportunities amidst a growing population, Recreation in Balance (RiB) is seeing significant public support. The program is one of the prongs of the Chaffee Common Ground effort, and seeks to establish baselines for outdoor recreation visitor impacts, and then find solutions to mitigate those impacts while supporting our tourism based economy.