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Interpretive Signage on the Salida River Trails

Photo Credit: Randy Schwitzer

Have you wondered what songbirds live along the river, or how the Arkansas River is managed? Have you considered that while only 2% of our landscape is wetlands and riparian areas, 80% of wildlife depends on them? You can find the answer to these and other burning questions on the newly installed interpretive panels along the Salida River Trail.

Funded by a generous donation from High Country Bank, GARNA worked with Colorado Parks & Wildlife, City of Salida, SPOT and the Central Colorado Conservancy to create a series of interpretive signs to help the public understand our landscape along the Arkansas River.  The signs were designed by Bernadette Marconi Design and manufactured by Salida Signs.


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GARNA works with communities of the upper Arkansas River valley to foster the stewardship of the region’s natural environment and the resilience of our communities.

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