GARNA's Environmental Hero Awards and 2020 Fundraiser

A celebration of local environmental heroes meant to ignite hope in our community and inspire others to become environmental stewards! The Environmental Hero Awards shine a light on GARNA’s many volunteers, supporters and partner organizations who are critical to GARNA’s progress. GARNA depends on our supporters and allies to work together to create positive change. GARNA’s work is more important than ever. Our hope is that you will support this fundraising effort and help create a community of public lands lovers that will prevail to future generations! 

Be a part of the action!

Creating a community that is educated about place.

photo by: John McCarthy

Friends of Public Lands

GARNA collaborates with public land agency partners to leave a legacy of responsible use of our natural environment.

Environmental Education

GARNA inspires a conservation ethic by providing educational opportunities and experiences.

Chaffee Green Sustainability

GARNA takes action to develop a plan for a systems approach to countywide Solid Materials Management solutions in the areas of zero waste, renewable energy, & overall environmental health.

photo by: Andrea Wilkerson