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Job Opening: High School Camp Intern – Stream Ecology



 JOB TITLE:  Camp Intern for Stream Explorers Program @ Rockies Rock Summer Camp in Leadville, CO

CLASSIFICATION:  Contract, 9 hours/day, 7:15 am to 4:15 pm (transportation to Leadville Camp locations will provided from central location in Buena Vista, Salida, or Leadville)


2 weeks, 36 hours each = $720 total paid at end


July 30 – Aug. 2 and Aug. 5 – Aug 9

 FUNCTION OR PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION:  GARNA seeks 2 high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors to serve as Camp Interns for Stream Explorers.  Camp Interns will encourage younger youth (Grades 4 – 7) who are participating in camp in investigating stream ecology utilizing the scientific method,

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Envision hosts wildfire-prevention panel discussion May 8

Organizers encourage public participation


As smoke billowed across the lower reaches of the Collegiate Peaks southwest of Buena Vista on Easter Sunday, neighbors’ cell phones beeped with evacuation notices and firefighters closed off rural roads to the site. The blaze grew to nearly 28 acres before firefighters wrangled it under control by late afternoon.


It was a small fire that was contained quickly, and also a reminder that wildfire can happen at almost any time in Chaffee County, Salida District Ranger Jim Pitts said.


“The normal isn’t so normal,” he said. “We’re definitely behind on our winter moisture.” He noted that local snowpack was 66 percent of average as of mid-April.


With the threat of wildfire on many people’s minds, 

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Fall 2017 School Youth Ecological Literacy Programming

What an exciting fall for GARNA’s Youth Ecological Literacy Program! We doubled our number of field trips this fall, meaning we reached twice the amount of students with curiosity inducing and learning packed days of environmental education in outdoor classrooms. We are so thankful to our land agency partners such as the US Forest Service, BLM and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, program partners Get Outdoors Leadville!, the Alpine Achievers Initiative, Society of American Foresters, and Trout Unlimited and awesome GARNA volunteers for helping us produce meaningful learning for so many students.

The goal of GARNA’s Youth Ecological Literacy Program, YELP, is to foster environmental stewardship and encourage young people to explore careers within the natural resources field. Through our school-based programs, we tailor lessons for each grade level, both to bolster students’ academic knowledge through hands-on experiences and to raise the next generation of youth to appreciate the uniqueness of our environment and be better stewards of our public lands.

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Fall 2017 Youth Ecological Literacy Longfellow Elementary 3rd grade Fieldtrip

Life Zones along Monarch Pass– Thursday, September 14

GARNA’s Youth Ecological Literacy Program (YELP) goals are to foster environmental stewardship and to encourage young people to explore careers within the field of natural resources. The program provides science-based, experiential activities and education through school field trips, career exploration, enrichment programs, and summer camps. The goal of the school-based programs is to tailor lessons for each grade level, both to bolster students’ academic knowledge through hands on experiences and to raise the next generation of youth with a better understanding of stewardship and what makes their environment so unique.

What kinds of trees still thrive with a short 3 month growing season in the subalpine? What kinds of animals can handle the winds and changing weather of the alpine? How have the extreme factors involving wind, water, and glaciers shape the geology of the mountains?

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2017 Summer Nature Camp

camp smilesSummer is a wonderful time for exploration around Chaffee County; it’s a great time to use our imaginations, build forts, look a grasshopper in the eyes under a magnifying glass, hike to alpine ponds, find pet worms, feed trout, get muddy, and eat cattails. Nature Camp this summer offered these opportunities and many more over 6 weeks through our two camps: Nature’s Scientists (ages 8 to 11) and Nature’s Explorers (ages 5 to 7).

We had a great summer learning about different life zones such as wetlands at Mount Ouray State Wildlife Area, the meadows at Hutchinson Ranch, the subalpine at Monarch Mountain and riparian and river habitats at Poncha Creek picnic hike

It’s a wonderful experience for campers to spend an entire day outdoors. While exploring, playing games, and participating in hands on activities, campers grow in knowledge, but also grow in independence,

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