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GARNA provides hands-on learning for 590 students this fall!

YELP 2018- Fall Programs Update

Our fall season’s Youth Ecological Literacy Programming, YELP, has begun to slow down as the cold weather has settled in. This season was fantastically filled with educational programs for Chaffee and Lake County School Districts. We were able to reach 590 elementary through high school students through School-Based and Enrichment programs. In YELP Programs, students participate in hands-on activities related to various environmental topics to bring school curriculum to life and deepen students’ connection with the natural world. Thanks to the participating school districts, teachers, volunteers, and coordinators for making this season such a success! Here’s a snapshot of happened what this fall:


Salida’s Longfellow Elementary 3rd grade, Monarch Pass and Maysville trip 9/20/18

Salida’s 3rd graders embarked on a journey touring through various life zones on their ways up to Maysville and Monarch Pass.

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Chaffee County says “Yes” on 1A

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2018 Mountainfilm in Buena Vista and Salida

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Oct. 2018: GARNA Awards Photo Prizes in 5th Annual Photo Contest Fundraiser

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2017 Stream Explorers in Salida

The underwater habitat of the Arkansas River is a fascinating, diverse ecosystem with unending avenues for exploration. A group of 5th through 8th graders did just that this May through a GARNA and Trout Unlimited Program called Stream Explorers. The students met for 4 weeks, performing a variety of experiments and relating their inferences to what they observed in the Arkansas. “This is a scientific inquiry-based program,” says Tom Palka, a volunteer teacher with Trout Unlimited. “We guide the students to ask the questions and then to design the experiments they should conduct to answer them. In other programs, experiments are often conducted in a ‘do this experiment this way and tell me the answer’ but we encourage curiosity and imagination and let the students drive the process.” The goal of this program is that students will ask and answer questions they have about the river ecosystem and in the end,

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