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Join Team Toad and help protect the Boreal Toad

Photo Credit: Randy Schwitzer

Colorado’s boreal toads are in trouble. As deadly chytrid fungus spreads from wetland to wetland, the toads need our help if they’re going to survive.

In collaboration with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Denver Zoo is recruiting volunteers to help search for undiscovered boreal toad populations. We’ll be leading surveys in scenic wetlands across Colorado, including Lake and Chaffee counties. As a community scientist, you will collect data that will inform the conservation of this little species and help keep boreal toads hopping around the mountains for years to come.

If spending the day exploring mountain wetlands in search of a little brown toad sounds fun, then learn more and sign up here! Denver Zoo would love to have you on Team Toad!

Boreal Toad Kristi Odom

Photo by Kristi Odom

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