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Environmental Clubs

Experience the wonders of the Arkansas River Valley with GARNA's member clubs

Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, a passionate hiker, or a nature enthusiast seeking literary inspiration, we have a club for you. 

Explore diverse birdlife with our Birding Club, embark on scenic hikes every Friday with the Hiking Club, or delve into captivating environmental literature with the Earth-Centered Book Club. 

With GARNA, there’s always a way to connect with nature and like-minded individuals. Check out the clubs below.

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Clubs Available

Latest GARNA News

Podcast Episode – The Eager Beaver

In this episode, we sit down at a beaver lodge with local author Ben Goldfarb, and his dog, Kit, to gab about beavers, mule deer, road kill and more!...

Friends of Fourmile work to Improve Camping in Fourmile

The GARNA volunteer chapter, Friends of Fourmile, has recently been working with the BLM and National Forest Foundation to improve management of...

Beasley Memorial Scholarship – Deadline Extended to April 8

GARNA Renews the Brett Beasley Memorial Scholarship Local students pursuing careers in outdoor recreation and natural resource management have a...
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Gone to Seed by Kari Vanderburg
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