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Agents of Discovery Chipeta App

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Learn Native American History Through Play

GARNA and the US Forest Service – Salida Ranger District partnered with Agents of Discovery to offer an exciting new way to get outside while learning about the history of the Upper Arkansas Valley. Agents of Discovery is a mobile app that provides a dynamic, engaging, learning experience. With the app, users can play informative games in the form of “Missions” that challenge them to think and learn about the environment around them. Using real-world examples and even augmented reality capabilities, the missions take the form of challenging quizzes and mini-games that provide lessons representing a variety of historical voices from the area.

The Chipeta– Agents of Discovery Mission is designed to be used at the Mountain Heritage Park on Tenderfoot Mountain in Salida, Colorado where users can learn about Chipeta, an important Native American historical figure who served as an advisor and was a critical participant in the politics between indigenous residents and white settlers, and wife to Chief Ouray.

The Chipeta Mission is a series of quizzes and educational challenges which teach users about Native American history of the Salida area. Completing all the challenges in a mission will complete the mission.

Chipeta Agents of Discovery App
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