• Community Education: In addition to teaching waste diversion curriculum in the school systems, GARNA will also provide educational opportunities for community members. These public education programs will include information about waste diversion opportunities within our county. We aim to educate the public on recycling (CLICK HERE FOR CHAFFEE COUNTY RECYCLING GUIDE), composting, and landfill management so we, as a community, can work together increase waste diversion and extend the life of our landfill. 2020 Waste Audit. In the spring of 2021, near the close of the Angel of Shavano drop-off center, we launched a recycling survey and now we strive to address concern we saw in the survey results. Read more here: Recycling Survey Data 2021
  • Schools: In 2022, we taught waste diversion curriculum at the elementary, middle, and high schools in Buena Vista and Salida. This curriculum will align to align with state standards in earth science and will provide students with insight on the processes of waste diversion within Chaffee County.
  • Partnership with Colorado Mountain College: GARNA will be conducting a series of courses in partnership with CMC Salida and Leadville Campuses. Check the Program Calendar for upcoming courses. 


Reusing: Feed bags into grocery totes

Long Term Goals

Transfer Station: One viable solution to aid Chaffee County waste diversion is infrastructure investment in a transfer station for recycling. Chaffee County recycling haulers such as Waste Management, Shamrock, and Chaffee County Waste all transport the recycling they gather to Colorado springs using their own refuse compactor trucks. This represents an environmental problem as this driving contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and unsustainable costs for waste haulers. Read more here: Transfer Station Zoning (

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