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Climate Hero: Chaffee County Reviews Energy-Preferred Code Amendment

Photo Credit: Randy Schwitzer
Matt Nykiel standing outside
We’d like to highlight a local climate hero!
Matt Nykiel demonstrated the power of people and community organization in the last month. Matt reached out to community members to rally together to submit comments and engage with the county on energy code. He shared information about the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code and encouraged local Climate Heroes to approach the Chaffee County Board of Commissioners to adopt “electric-preferred” amendments, which would require new construction to be all electric or incorporate high-efficiency gas appliances. This would be a major step in the right direction towards a greener Chaffee County.
As of the December 12 meeting, the Board has directed county staff to begin a formal proposal for their review. Matt stated: “We’re making progress. The Commission did not adopt the electric-preferred amendments we have advocated for, but the Commission passed a motion this morning, directing its Building Department to promptly develop a proposal, for the Commission’s consideration early next year, that would adopt electric-preferred amendments to the energy code. This doesn’t mean the Commission will adopt the amendments next year, but the Commission will give the amendments a fair hearing.”
We think of Matt as a climate hero, but in his words, “It’s really the group of volunteers and interested community members that submitted comments to and engaged with the county on energy code who are the true climate heroes – not just an individual”. People power is strong!
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