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We are fortunate that many of the physical structures our county’s past still remain, though some are in need of more tender loving care…including these historic buildings in Buena Vista… and Poncha Springs ...

BUENA VISTA historic buildings


BUENA VISTA historic buildings

buena vista colorado


BUENA VISTA historic buildings BUENA VISTA historic buildings

Buena Vista - Incorporated in 1879, this town became the county seat in 1880. After a vote to move the seat passed, the disputed question went to the Colorado Supreme Court. But some citizens of the town took the situation into their own hands and took a railroad flat car to Granite in the middle of the night and stole the county records. The Court House, built in 1882 with its octagonal cupola, towers over the town. In the 1920s and 30s Buena Vista was known as the lettuce capital of the world. Go to the chamber office on highway 24 or the old courthouse museum to learn more about other historic sites in town.

Sites in Buena Vista:
• Bonney House (1883), 408 Princeton Avenue
• Denver, South Park & Pacific RR Depot (1890-91)
• First National Bank of Buena Vista Building (1883), 210 E. Main Street
• Grace Episcopal Church (1883), Park & Main Streets
• Orpheum Theater (1910), 409-415 E. Main Street
• St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church (1880), 343 Colo. Hwy 24, South
• Turner Place, 829 W. Main Street
• Wright-Sindlinger House (circa 1882), 400 W. Main Street

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