“Nurturing. Ecological. Collaborative. That’s GARNA.”  – Jacy Doumas, 2020 GARNA Environmental Hero Award for Sustainability

Though she stays extremely busy working as a Speech Language Pathologist, a Realtor, and a property manager, Jacy Doumas consistently finds time to put her passion for environmentalism and community activism into action.

“What keeps me going in this work is looking outside the door, outside myself, looking around at the beauty of this valley,” says Jacy. “I value our clean air, clean water and shared public resources that can so easily be taken for granted and could be gone in a heartbeat. I’m driven by respect for the original inhabitants of this land and by a faith imperative to love and care for Mother Earth.”

Encouraged by her husband and business partner Thomas, who provides ‘behind the scenes’ support in countless ways, Jacy was able to dive deeply into the work of Envision Chaffee County. Here, relationships with others concerned about single use plastics, waste management, recycling, composting, environmental health, renewable energy and conservation throughout the region grew into the creation of Chaffee Green and area-wide networking.

Since Chaffee Green has become a Program of GARNA, Jacy, recipient of GARNA’s 2020 Sustainability Award continues to serve as a GARNA board member, promoting and inspiring engagement in GARNA’s mission with hopes to contribute to a future County Sustainability Plan.

“As long as I continue to breathe, walk and drink, I will continue to be driven to protect the air, land, and water,” says Jacy. “I have given a significant amount of time to GARNA because I believe it is a proven and dedicated nonprofit that protects that which cannot protect itself in a positive uplifting way.”