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This GARNA chapter consists of volunteers from the motorized and non-motorized recreational communities who have special concern for the 100,000 acre Forest Service/BLM area in northern Chaffee County called the Fourmile Travel Management Area. The overall goal is good stewardship of the land’s resources (meaning a minimum of direct and indirect impacts) and maintenance of a balance among various recreational uses.

Our specific objectives are to assist the BLM and USFS in implementing the area’s citizen-formulated Fourmile Travel Management Plan, including to assure quality recreational opportunities continue to be available for a wide variety of users maintain and improve the area’s natural resources help resolve conflicts between users ensure that all types of recreational users and private landowners continue to be involved in the area’s management.

Friends of Fourmile is non-partisan with respect to favoring or promoting one type of recreational activity over another (e.g. motorized or non-motorized). It is focused simply on helping the land managing agencies implement their approved travel management plan, which is itself the product of a long public process involving all types of user groups.

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Chapter HIGHLIGHTS 2014 through Spring 2016

Downloadable Brochures and Maps

You can read or download the following interpretive brochures, which include each area’s history, major features, things to do and a map.

Also available are the most recent versions of maps without the interpretive material. The Fourmile map covers the entire area whereas the Midland and Whipple maps provide detailed coverage of these specific trail systems. These map-only files are most convenient to download to a mobile device or to print.

Simplified instructions on getting the Fourmile map on your smartphone – see below.

The Fourmile map is now available in Geo-referenced format for use on GPS-capable smartphones. Once loaded on a phone, the user’s location can be accurately followed even if there is no internet connection.

Click the first link below to download the instructions on installing the app needed to activate the map. (This map also covers trails in the northern half of the Browns Canyon Wilderness Study Area.)

Click on the second link to download the Geo-referenced map only if you are choosing the Dropbox option for importing it into the PDF maps app.

Please note the Midland and Whipple maps are NOT geo-referenced and are not compatible with the Avenza PDF maps application. However, as explained in the last paragraph of the instructions, topographic quadrangles are available for free from the Avenza PDF maps store. Particularly if you plan on off-trail overland hiking, we recommend that you also download the appropriate topo map so that you could select it in the Avenza PDF map list when the Fourmile map does not provide the needed detail. Fourmile area topo quads include Marmot Peak, Buena Vista East, Castle Rock Gulch, Nathrop and Cameron Mountain.

The Friends of Fourmile chapter of GARNA is pleased to make this map available online, and appreciates the guidance and support of the Salida Ranger District of the San Isabel National Forest and the Royal Gorge Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management. Please remember that GPS devices including smartphones will not function if battery power fails. A printed topographic map or hard copy of the Fourmile map is always recommended as backup. Cell phone connection is not reliable throughout the area, so always be prepared to deal with unexpected developments. Neither GARNA nor Friends of Fourmile assume any liability for your use of this map.

Special Thank You to local contributors!

A number of local businesses and individuals generously responded with donations to the 2015 Friends of Fourmile Publication Fund. The chapter undertook this campaign, netting over $1,500 to top up contributions from the Salida Ranger District of San Isabel National Forest and the Royal Gorge Field office of the Bureau of Land Management, both GARNA partners for more than 15 years. This allowed us to reprint 14,000 copies each of the revised Fourmile and Midland Bike Trail brochures and 3,000 copies of the Whipple Trail brochure. It will also cover reprinting 15 4’x4’ maps installed at all eight entry points.

Thanks to:

Eddyline Restaurant and Brewery
High Rocky Riders
High Rocky Riders
Buena Vista True Value
BV True Value
Boneshaker Cycles
Boneshaker Cycles
Wilderness Aware Rafting
Wilderness Aware
Absolute Bikes
Absolute Bikes
Salida Mountain Trails
Salida Mtn Trails
Grant Heilman Memory
Grant Heilman

Each contributor – all of whom benefit from the proximity of the well-managed Fourmile area to their commercial businesses or clubs – received an individualized version of the poster below, which they may choose to display. Please consider giving them a thumbs up the next time you drop by!

Fourmile Contributors Poster

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