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Thinking. Hardworking. Dedicated. That’s GARNA” – Denny Arter, 2020 GARNA Environmental Hero Lifetime Achievement Award

Thanks to her nature-loving family, Denny Arter’s passion for nature and natural history started early and only grew stronger throughout the years. Instilled with a sense of responsibility for protecting wild places and a desire to educate others about nature, Denny has demonstrated a demonstrated a lifelong commitment to environmental causes by volunteering for nature-related organizations including the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Denver Audubon Society.


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“Community Driven. Good People. Positive Impact. That’s GARNA.”  – Keith Krebs, 2020 GARNA Environmental Hero Award for Education

Keith, a GARNA supporter, member and volunteer for ten years, has been a driving force behind the Stream Explorers program, an immersive, fun, hands-on learning experience that connects young people to the rivers flowing through their backyard.

“We need to keep exposing kids, who are the future of environmental work and our world – to the outdoors,” says Keith, winner of GARNA’s 2020 Education Award.


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“Nurturing. Ecological. Collaborative. That’s GARNA.”  – Jacy Doumas, 2020 GARNA Environmental Hero Award for Sustainability

Though she stays extremely busy working as a Speech Language Pathologist, a Realtor, and a property manager, Jacy Doumas consistently finds time to put her passion for environmentalism and community activism into action.

“What keeps me going in this work is looking outside the door, outside myself, looking around at the beauty of this valley,” says Jacy.

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“Outreach. Education. Partnership. That’s GARNA.”   – Mike Conlin, 2020 GARNA Environmental Hero Award for Stewardship

“The reason I dedicate so much time to GARNA is our commonality of purpose. What we’ve accomplished is important, but the reality is that if it doesn’t extend into the next generation, everything we’ve done could be lost,” says Mike Conlin, Coordinator for Lake County Open Space Initiative (LCOSI) since its inception 23 years ago. “One of the most impressive things about GARNA is their effective work passing on our conservation ethic to young people so they can take our work and perpetuate it.”

Known for demonstrating incredible leadership in land acquisition and conservation easement projects and for working closely with land trusts to secure funding for priority projects that provide long term protection of critical landscapes, habitats and the river corridor in the Upper Arkansas Valley, Mike has also played…

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